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PSMG Marketing Qualification and Apprenticeship


Marketing and PR Apprenticeships


When an apprentice is passionate about their career, they commit to their studies and flourish gaining the knowledge and tangible skills that your business needs, whilst boosting their own confidence and ability to do their job.

The apprenticeship programme is suitable for new recruits as well as current employees in Marketing, PR, content production and Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

The training programme is a formal piece of learning, over a period of time, and requires commitment not only from the delegate but also the firm.


Get Carbon Literate: Understanding and Communicating Climate Change and Sustainability


Online Only!

We're facing an unprecedented global climate emergency - a situation that calls for immediate, effective, and authentic communication. If you've ever wondered how you could influence positive change, champion sustainability, and consider the climate in your marketing strategies, then our one-day course is just for you.

Designed specifically for marketers and BD Professionals    with a vision to lead change,   this day-long course   equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to drive climate action through your role and team.


Mastering AI & Metaverse Marketing


Online Only!

This course is designed for marketing professionals at all levels interested in utilising the metaverse and AI technologies to revolutionise their marketing strategies, optimise customer engagement, and showcase products for competitive advantage.

Join us in this one-day immersive metaverse experience to redefine your marketing strategies and lead your industry in the emerging era of AI and metaverse marketing.