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Mastering AI & Metaverse Marketing


Who is this Course for?

This course is designed for marketing professionals at all levels interested in utilising the metaverse and AI technologies to revolutionise their marketing strategies, optimise customer engagement, and showcase products for competitive advantage.

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding the Metaverse:  Discover the scope and potential of marketing in the metaverse.

Integrating AI into Marketing Plans:  Explore key AI tools, including ChatGPT, JasperAI, Brandwatch, Flick, MarketMuse, Grammarly, and others, to facilitate customer engagement and product showcasing.

Customer Engagement in the Metaverse:  Learn strategies to engage customers effectively using virtual experiences and brand building in the metaverse.

Product Showcasing:  Learn how to use AI and AR/VR to create immersive, personalized product showcasing experiences.

Consumer Insights & Data Analysis:  Understand how AI can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and trends, then how you can integrate these into your forecasts and plans.

Social Networking in the Metaverse:  Learn how the metaverse opens up new possibilities for building communities, influencer partnerships, training and development.

AI Marketing Automation:  Explore how AI can streamline marketing tasks, such as social media scheduling and campaign management.

Voice & Visual Search Optimisation:  Understand how AI tools can optimise content and advertising for voice and image-based queries.

Immersive Customer Experiences:  Understand how to use AR, VR, and AI-powered chatbots to improve customer experiences and facilitate purchase decisions.

Ethical AI & Customer Engagement:  Evaluate the ethical implications of AI and the factors influencing customer acceptance of AI and the metaverse.

Join us in this one-day immersive metaverse experience to redefine your marketing strategies and lead your industry in the emerging era of AI and metaverse marketing.

Cost to attend including all materials: £420.00 + VAT

PSMG Members receive a saving on the full price and pay £350.00 + VAT

Email for further information or to book a place.