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Marketing and PR Apprenticeships

Why not let 2024 be the way to help your teams develop the skills to grow with the PSMG/Cambridge Marketing College apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are paid by the Levy and there are no hidden costs or fees!

When an apprentice is passionate about their career, they commit to their studies and flourish gaining the knowledge and tangible skills that your business needs, whilst boosting their own confidence and ability to do their job.

The apprenticeship programme is suitable for new recruits as well as current employees in Marketing, PR, content production and Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

The training programme is a formal piece of learning, over a period of time, and requires commitment not only from the delegate but also the firm.

The apprenticeship standard requires employers to commit 20% of an apprentice's work time to the programme, but that  doesn't  mean 

  • The apprentice has to be away from the office and
  • All the 20% is independent study.
  • Any work activity or project that the apprentice participates in, which they wouldn't have done if they'd not been on the programme, will contribute towards their learning and towards that 20%.

The firm has to play an active part in supporting each delegate and in particular someone within the firm is to take responsibility for overseeing and assisting each student through the learning programme. This is really enjoyable for everyone concerned. 

Training is dynamic, relevant, and let’s be honest, challenging! CMC’s reputation for quality and innovation is well known and you’ll see this firsthand when they partner with you to support your apprentice’s development. It’s all about the future - helping your employees to explore their potential and ensuring you both stand out from the crowd.

You will be joining some very prestigious firms, including those in the Magic Circle!

CMC liaise closely throughout the learning process and deal with all the arrangements etc. All the candidate has to do is learn.

More information can be found here  or contact:

It is the perfect way to develop the next generation of talent!