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PSMG launches in Jersey!

A new PSMG marketing group has launched in Jersey focusing on the professional services industry. 

The ‘Professional Services Marketing Group (PSMG), Jersey’ has been formed by a number of the island’s senior marketers to exchange ideas, share best practice, collaborate on projects and advance the reputation of the profession locally. 

It is an affiliate group of the PSMG in London, an independent and forward-thinking partnership set-up almost 30 years ago to focus on educating, training and empowering all those in marketing and business development. 

PSMG Jersey will host a number of events throughout the year, beginning with a launch event on Wednesday October 11th. Featuring case studies from HSBC and Visit Jersey, as well as a presentation by Digital Leadership Associates, it will explore current trends and best practice in digital marketing and social selling. 

PSMG Jersey co-founder Martyn White, Head of Corporate Marketing and Business Development at Carey Olsen, said the idea for the group had been embraced by Jersey’s senior marketers from businesses such as Carey Olsen, Equiom, Jersey Finance, Sanne, JTC, Aztec, HSBC and many others.

Martyn  added: “PSMG Jersey gives marketing in Jersey a voice. It seeks to share the innovative work the island’s marketing professionals are producing on a global scale to advance business growth, client needs and employee engagement. The island is such a unique environment for marketers, with so many professional services firms headquartered here, that forming a group where we can learn from each other will truly advance the reputation and expertise of the island’s marketing community .” 

Gail Jaffa , Managing Partner of PSMG, said: “One of PSMG's key strengths lies in our formal affiliations with like-minded organisations within the UK and overseas. Connecting with our peer groups throughout the world is important and beneficial to all on a number of levels.  

"In recognising the global nature of professional services marketing and business development issues, the collaboration with our affiliate groups is essential for fostering an environment of learning and knowledge sharing with the aim to advance personal and professional development within our sector.  

"We are delighted to be invited to the island to work in partnership with PSMG Jersey in order to advance our common goals and aims for the benefit of the whole community."  

Matt Tabb , PSMG Jersey co-founder and Global Head of Corporate Communications at Equiom, said: “There are a number of business-focused member organisations already in the island but none that have the discipline of professional services marketing as their focus. We felt there was a need for a forum where professional marketers can come together and share knowledge for the greater good of themselves, their businesses and the island’s professional services industry in general. PSMG Jersey will meet this need ." 

For more details on PSMG Jersey, or to book a place at the launch event on Wednesday October 11th, visit the PSMG events page here  or email


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