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Client Talk

Client Talk


They specialise in:

  • Client Listening (powered by active listening)
  • Coaching (individual and team)
  • Diversity and inclusion (using coaching to enable diverse teams)
  • Business Development and Soft Skills Training (using coaching to drive lasting change)

Client Talk was created to change the conversations that professional services companies are having with - and about - their clients.  We do that by promoting active listening, leveraging empathy and championing diverse thinking.  Those are both our values  and our guiding principles.

Our unique approach recognises the role that professionals have in the organisation's success.  We are a consultancy powered by coaches. We are trained to listen. We are human-centered. By bringing together business development excellence with coaching we optimise performance in a way that is unique in the market.

Our aim is to drive growth through insight. That might be insight at an individual, team, strategic or firm level.  We do that through coaching (1:1 and teams), training, or listening to your clients and employees.  By working with you, using a combination of coaching and consulting, we discover where you have a competitive advantage and how you can leverage it.

In today’s data driven world, having access to knowledge on our clients, to an ever more granular level, seems more and more attainable.  How can you ensure that the insights you are collecting are driving growth? How can you be sure that the data you have is the right data? 

At Client Talk we believe in going back to basics and asking the fundamental questions - of ourselves and our clients - to change the way we talk with our clients, but, more importantly the way we listen. 

Contact us for:

  • Client Listening
  • Coaching
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Training in business development and soft skills

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