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James Stringer today launches "The Glue"

Today, James Stringer launches a new podcast called 'The Glue'. It is unashamedly for us – the BD, Marketing and Comms colleagues who work in professional service firms.  James believes these teams are the glue that holds much of their firms’ activities together, hence the name.
In this first episode he  discuss our role as non-fee earners, where and how we can have the most impact and what skills and attributes we need now and in the future with  Stefanie Hoogklimmer   of  Venturis Consulting Group   and  Eddie Bowman   of Eddie Bowman Consulting. They have deep experience working for the Big Four and law firms.

Lots of insights and tips as well as thoughts on where it might be smart to focus your personal development in the future.
You can listen here   


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