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LexisNexis UK 10th anniversary edition of the Bellwether Report: “Transformation troubles: responding to a new era of change”

Many small law firms are thinking big when it comes to the tech they need to see them through another period of profound change   

More than 80% of small and medium law firms reported financial performance at or better than expectations. But the post-COVID boom is receding, and the ‘great resignation’ has led to renewed pressure.  Ambitious firms are turning to legal tech to help them thrive.    

Today, LexisNexis Legal & Professional released the 10th  Anniversary edition of the Bellwether, titled  “Transformation troubles  ”.  Building on a decade of sharing insights on the independent legal market, this report suggests that the post-lockdown boom has continued into 2022. 91% of the market voiced confidence in the future of their firm and 33% noted they had outperformed revenue expectations – maintaining the highs of 2021

Rakhee Patel, Senior Marketing Manager and the report’s author, commented “It is wonderful to see that the industry has found its feet again after such a challenging period.  But with continued challenges with recruitment and business generation, firms must be open to embracing new technologies so that they can survive, grow and thrive.” 

Read a copy of the report in the Analysis section in our Knowledge Bank.


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