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Email Blacklisting Explained

Professional Services Marketing technology firms like Concep work hard to achieve high levels of deliverability, yet blacklisting is always a risk.  Concep explain what blacklisting is, why it happens and outline what we do to prevent it from affecting our clients. This is an excellent read around a very topical and serious issue.

What is blacklisting?

We live in the age of consent and permission-led marketing where firms need to adhere to regulatory compliance and ‘good manners’ when it comes to emailing a contact.  Without it, the professional services sector cannot build trusted brands and strong relationships.  But that’s not always the case. There are still unscrupulous individuals or spammers who aim to distribute unwanted content that may be harmful – and that does not comply with anti-spam laws.  

Internet service providers (ISPs) and international blacklisting organisations such as SpamhausBarracuda , or Spamcop are constantly on the lookout to help identify the IPs and domains used to send out unsolicited mass email or spam and add them to a ‘blacklist'. If the sending IP appears on a blacklist, emails sent from that IP address will be blocked from being delivered to the recipients.

The full article can be found in the PSMG Knowledge Bank.


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