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Alithya are proud to be the 23rd PSMG Annual Conference mainline sponsor

When we met Gail and the PSMG team we knew that our business ethos and strategy aligned with the organisations. As Gail advocates change is ever-present, ever-demanding and ever-challenging to an extent possibly unseen for a generation or more.

Change will be our theme at the conference and we will share with you how we have developed a methodology that will help to make the business case for digital change for your organisation. 

Before considering product or price, we help organisations to identify what it is that they need from the technology – the business outcomes that they want the technology to help them to achieve. By pinpointing what it is that each organisation needs, we can design a system with these goals in mind. You have your business case for digital transformation and the tool you need to achieve it.

We look forward to meeting you in person in March, for anyone unable to attend the conference we will be running a webinar on March 20th at 10.30am Drive Client Service and Win More Business with CRM to register CLICK HERE .


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