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Beverly Landais fully accredited as a Strengths Profile Practioner

Beverly Landais has received full accreditation as a Strengths Profile Practitioner having successfully completed her training. 

Beverly says "I have been using Strengths Profile for some time and decided to take my expertise to another level with full accreditation. I am really glad to have done it. I am using it with individuals as well as teams to support personal development and professional growth. This adds to my other accreditations to use Hogan Assessments and PROPHET Senior Leadership Team Profiling".


Beverly's next goal is to achieve certification as a Resilience Practitioner and is nearing the end of that journey. She is also attending an ILM endorsed course on Wellbeing in Coaching during November as I she is seeing more demand for support in the workplace in this regard.

PSMG wishes Beverly every success!


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