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asb law announces strategic alliance with Elevate

asb law announces strategic alliance with Elevate to deliver world-class legal consultancy, technology and services to clients.                                      

asb law, a law and consultancy firm leading innovation in legal services, today announced a strategic alliance with the law company, Elevate.  

“Providing high quality legal advice is no longer enough to satisfy the discerning needs of buyers of legal services”, said Andrew Clinton, Managing Partner of asb law. “Our research clearly showed there was a need from progressive in-house legal departments for market insight and consulting capabilities to help those departments design and deliver more effective ways of operating.

This consultancy advice extends to reviewing how in-house legal teams deliver legal services; managing/coordinating engineers and technologists to build and implement automation that lawyers actually use (including the practical application of AI); and providing a flexible lawyer resource to help manage fluctuations in work load. It made great sense to partner with Elevate, the clear leaders in this sector, to enable us to provide a complete and integrated solution, taking full advantage of technology and good practice.”

The strategic alliance has already helped asb law build stronger relationships with clients and win new clients. The firm was recently appointed to the litigation panel for BT. Chris Fowler, COO Legal at BT, commented: “Like all forward looking legal departments, BT expects its legal services providers to come to us with innovation and with new and more efficient ways of helping us. Both asb law and Elevate differentiate themselves on this basis and this is exactly the kind of collaboration that we are looking for from our providers.” 

John Croft, President of Elevate, said “Elevate helps both law firms and corporate legal departments work together to improve quality, efficiency and outcomes. We have been working with asb law for four years now on a number of initiatives and we’ve seen how they ‘walk the talk’ of great advice to their clients with creative fee arrangements that they are able to achieve through efficient legal service delivery and disciplined project management. This strategic alliance is an exciting evolution of our relationship, which will extend, enable and amplify the resources and capabilities of asb law and its clients, such as BT.”  


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