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Strategic tendering for professional services: win more, lose less

Anyone who works within the business development function of a professional service firm will know that tendering is one of the highest-pressure activities that comes with the role. A new book by Matthew Fuller and Tim Nightingale may help make overseeing this process a little less fraught.

Michael Graham of Oxera Consulting LLP very kindly agreed to review this new book on behalf of PSMG.

PSMG members can obtain a discount on the purchase price of "Strategic tendering for professional services: win more, lose less". You won't be disappointed!

Michael says, "The book has already proved invaluable to me. Oxera Consulting LLP is a specialist economics consultancy advising companies, policymakers, regulators and lawyers on any economic issue connected with competition, finance or regulation, often working alongside major law firms on leading competition and dispute resolution cases. We continue to endeavour to align our client strategy by prioritising decision making/time spent on opportunities.

The book furthered my understanding of the key issues that go through a partner’s mind and the different approaches to go / no-go decision-making (with the relative advantages / disadvantages of each approach). We have used this insight to refine our internal measures to identify the must-win opportunities. In turn, this has enabled us to become better at prioritising our time on the needs of our key clients. 

We have already used the book’s recommended approach in a real-world tender situation. For example, at recent decision-making meeting, we convinced the partners to not submit a proposal for a particular piece of work where the opportunity was high-cost with a low chance of winning.

Michael's full review appears in the April edition of The PSMG Magazine


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