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Microsoft are the headline sponsors of The PSMG 21st Annual Conference on 16th November 2016

We are delighted that Microsoft are the headline sponsors of the PSMG 2016 Annual Conference where we will analyse the “business of innovation” within the complex and challenging marketplace in which clients, professional services firms and their marketers now operate.   

As we all know, the message over the last few years has been “change or die” but why have many professional services businesses found it so difficult to embrace change, to innovate and to spend time and resources delivering the best quality services?

The culture within our sector might not be one which easily recognises and encourages creativity and new ideas, but those firms which actively seek to truly innovate, stand to gain greater competitive advantage and an increasing share of the market.

Client expectations of value is higher than ever before and how we deliver our expertise and market our offering in new ways will help firms maintain their competitive edge.

Successful Innovation thrives in a culture that is not averse to taking risks, one that promotes the value of experimenting, is adaptable and rewards enterprise. Innovation also requires strong leadership and a tangible vision across the business.

Challenging or Child’s Play?

Come and find out.  Workshop bookings to open shortly.  We have limited places available so please book now to secure a place.


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