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Team Rwanda Cycling

For the first time in history, Rwanda scored three medals at the African Continental Championships held in Morocco last week. Rwanda rode away with one gold and two silver medals.

One silver medal, won by Rwanda's lone female cyclist, came in the Women's Individual Time Trial (ITT), with Jeanne d'Arc Girubuntu finishing 1 second off gold behind Vera Adrien from Namibia. This is the first medal for a female cyclist from Rwanda at any Continental Championship race.  Her story was featured by Legendary Women website after her epic performance.

Later in the week Valens Ndayisenga rode to Rwanda's first gold medal at the Continental Championships in the U23 ITT. On the last day of the event, Jean Claude Uwizeye, added Rwanda's third medal, a silver, in the U23 Road Race.

Besides Rwanda doing so well, the number one question asked of Coach and Technical Director, Jonathan Boyer, was, "What are you doing at Africa Rising Cycling Center (ARCC) and how can we come and train there?" The Eritrean, Ethiopian and Egyptian women saw Jeanne d'Arc go from a new rider to a silver medal in only one year, quickly surpassing all her former competitors.  The continent has seen Team Rwanda go from non-existent 9 years ago, to ranking with the continental powerhouses of Eritrea, Algeria and Morocco. This has happened over 9 years of steady work and two years ago, obtaining their training facility, ARCC. 

They are committed to not only training Rwandan cyclists but cyclists throughout the continent as well as coaches, soigneurs, mechanics and administrative staff. In order to raise the level of cycling on the continent they must raise all the countries.

In order to continue their work, they need support! Every amount helps...

  • $25 pays for a rider's camp stipend which in turn feeds his family
  • $50 pays for the weekly education program for all the riders
  • $100 pays for two cooks at camp to feed the team
  • $250 pays for mechanic trainees (5) food, lodging and training each week
  • Please consider changing the future of these young, hopeful cyclists! #teamisteam

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