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PSMG is delighted to announce that Passle is a Sponsor at the PSMG 2015 Annual Conference

PSMG is delighted to announce Passle is one of only three exclusive sponsors at this year's Annual Conference and we very much look forward to working with them. Why not join us and Passle on 18th November and find out more at their workshop on “How to write a content marketing strategy that is deliverable and drives growth"

Passle powers the most important and the most difficult part of Business to Business marketing; demonstrating domain expertise in a regular and relevant way. 

For expert businesses, demonstrating the niche knowledge of the individuals at the heart of an organisation is critical.  Passle sits between the very occasional Hero content and events and the essential brochure website. It enables regular, relevant communications between the highly-skilled talent at the core of the organisation and their (small but high value) community.

To find out more why not visit the website of Passle 


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