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Robus is Israel’s leading legal marketing company, specializing in full range of business development services for Israeli and foreign law firms alike. 

Robus accompanies a wide variety of Israeli law firms ranging from boutique to Israel's leading and largest firms. Our diverse portfolio of services includes a full-spectrum of marketing and branding services, along with strategic advice and planning for the legal sector.

In addition, Robus is one of the prominent merger consulting firms in the Israeli legal market, having accompanied numerous mergers between Israeli law firms, as well as cross-border mergers between Israeli and foreign law firms.


Foreign law firms consulting

Robus holds extensive practice of advising and representing foreign law firms in their activity in Israel. With the enactment of new legislation in 2012 enabling foreign law firms to practice law in Israel, Robus advises and guides firms wishing to set up practice in Israel throughout the process.

In this framework, Robus's services extend from the initial stage of strategic consulting and market penetration advice, to enhancing the firm's Israeli exposure and client base. Finally, Robus handles mergers between Israeli and foreign law firms, and has gained an extensive international experience in this respect.


Robus is behind Israel's annual Foreign Law Firms Conference, a series of prestigious conferences dedicated to cross-border legal and business cooperation. The conference provides a glance to Israel's economy and legal market, and hosts hundreds of Israeli and foreign lawyers each year, among them representatives from the largest and leading domestic and international law firms.


Robus is headed by Adv. Zohar Fisher, a former Chief Marketing Officer of one of Israel's largest law firms. Adv. Fisher holds an extensive experience in accompanying both Israeli and foreign law firms, with strong emphasis on client acquisitions and client retention techniques well-adapted to the Israeli market.

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