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The PSMG events programme is the life blood of our activity. All seminars, including Director Breakfasts, "Talking Heads" full and ½ day workshops and our Annual Conference attract Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points which count towards Chartered Marketer status and all other professional learning.


Forthcoming Events


We are continually working on our 2022 calendar and are adding to it as we go along to keep topics relevant. Keep watching!

Until we are advised otherwise, we are continuing with webinars but will change over again to face to face meetings as soon as possible.

Going forward all our face to face meetings will be live streamed from the venue to enable those further afield to continue to attend.

We continue to offer FREE training in partnership with Cambridge Marketing College over the course of the year, so please check our calendar of events below and for more formal training schemes please visit our Professional Education page.

Please contact for further information or if you are interested in presenting or hosting a seminar.

 June 2021 

Masterclass: Supercharge your Client Listening

Wed, 23 Mar 2022 08:30 - 12:00

Venue: TBC: If you are interested in hosting face to face then please contact us

All our face to face events offer live streaming so you can still join us from afar

The majority of professional services firms have client feedback programmes in place. Some have developed these programmes to strengthen their key client relationships, others use them to shape strategy. 

Regardless of the objective, at the heart of each programme are conversations with clients. However, how often do we stop to think about the foundations of our client listening programmes? 

During this 1/2 day Masterclass former lawyer, business development professional, and accredited coach, Claire Rason will focus on the art of gathering feedback  and will provide   tools and techniques to enhance your client listening programmes.

This masterclass is aimed at any professional who is involved in conducting client interviews.



The PSMG Full Day London Summit - "The Environmental, Social and Governance Movement”

Wed, 27 Apr 2022 08:00 - 17:30

Venue: One America Square Conference Centre, 17, One Crosswall, America Square, London EC3N 2LB. Note: Live streaming is available for virtual delegates

The Environmental, Social and Governance Movement

An Opportunity AND an obligation

What does it mean for professional services providers?

“Corporate social responsibility is a hard-edged business decision. Not because it is a nice thing to do or because people are forcing us to do it… because it is good for our business”

Niall Fitzgerald, former CEO, Unilever

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues should be top concerns of all corporate management and boards.

There was a time when a public stance on ESG issues was a public relations tactic. However, in today's rapidly changing business climate, attention to ESG issues is becoming critical to long-term competitive success.

In this new environment all company performance is being assessed through an ESG lens and professional services firms are not immune to this.

Evidence shows that properly integrated ESG policies widen a firm’s competitive reach compared to other industry players. Those who take steps to improve labour conditions, enhance the diversity of their teams, invest in their communities, and adopt sustainable environmental practices and policies will strengthen their brand and their client offering.

People are interested in the “citizenship” of a brand, and whether it is doing the right things societally, economically and environmentally.

Organisations that recognize the importance of adapting to changing socio-economic and environmental conditions are better able to identify strategic opportunities and meet competitive challenges.

We must, therefore, reconnect company success with societal progress. Shared value is not social responsibility or even sustainability. It is a new way to achieve economic success. It is not on the outer edge of what we do but rather at the centre.

Those who are truly committed to executing ESG policies, practices and programmes ensure ESG is a senior management priority of the CEO and general counsel, and increasingly tie compensation to ESG metrics.

They voluntarily report ESG goals, and progress towards meeting them, to all stakeholders via the annual CEO letter, annual reports, internal corporate communications, and/or annual sustainability reports.

Increasingly they are demanding their suppliers and vendors – including their professional advisors, act in the same way.

It is no longer enough to talk the talk.

We in Business Development and Marketing must be integral to the fast-paced changes affecting our sector and our client industries.


We have some remaining sponsorship opportunities available

We are delighted to announce that Man Bites Dog , Meridian West and Passle are amongst our sponsors for our 2022 ESG Summit.

Huge thanks go to everyone for their tremendous support. Why not join them at their dedicated workshops and discussions throughout the day.


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