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PSMG and Cambridge Marketing College Apprenticeships


PSMG and Cambridge Marketing College (CMC) Apprenticeship Scheme


Together PSMG and CMC will provide a:

  • Cost-effective way to re-train your teams and help them transition to appropriate professional roles
  • Structured learning programme to help you retain talent and expertise in an increasingly competitive market
  • Recognised pathway for your current teams to develop their careers with you
  • Platform for team engagement, satisfaction, motivation and productivity
  • Specialist professional services tutors who ensure the apprenticeship training is relevant to your industry

CMC and PSMG are offering professional services-focused Apprenticeships in:

  • Marketing Assistant Level 3
  • Junior Content Producer Level 3
  • Marketing Executive Level 4
  • Public Relations and Communications Assistant Level 4
  • Marketing Manager level 6

Download the full leaflet here.


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