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“The Real Deal: Law Firm Leadership That Works” - A new book to be published by Thomson Reuters in late 2019

Paul Smith, Partner and recent Chairman of Eversheds Sutherland and Sally Dyson, Founder of Firm Sense will be launching their new book in late 2019 “The Real Deal: Law Firm Leadership That Works”. 

Paul’s experiences as immediate past Chairman of Eversheds Sutherland form the backbone of this book into which Sally weaves accounts from pioneering law firm chiefs who have transformed the fortunes of their firms.  

Building on the lessons of experience, combined with the voices of clients and the predictions of industry and academic experts this book tackles the key issues that current and emerging law firm heads must conquer if their firms are to thrive. 

In short order, these are:  harnessing human capital, gaining institutional clients, boosting the bottom line, operating in a global economy, embracing change, avoiding disaster and winning followers. 


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