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PSMG Annual Conference – Sponsors Announced

We would like to thank Concep, Enable and Passle for their tremendous support in being our three exclusive sponsors at this year’s annual conference on 22nd November.   We are delighted to be working with them, once again, and are proud to be associated with them.   You will also be able to meet with them in the Exhibition Hall where you can access their wealth of experience and knowledge as they help us to understand the changing world in which we are now moving.

While it is difficult to plan for specific eventualities where the outcome is uncertain, it is nevertheless best practice to prepare for change that is likely to occur. You’re far more likely to successfully respond to a changing market if you’re not standing on a burning platform while doing so. 


We would like to thank the following firms for their tremendous support not only at our Conference but throughout the year







We very much look forward to working with you at the Conference.  Thank you!



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