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Gordon Brown – ClientSavvy

Gordon Brown, one of the leading consultants in the professional services client programmes and independent client conversations space, has set up a new business - ClientSavvy.

"Current organic growth in the professional service market is hiding a lot of systemic shortcomings in key client programmes," he told The PSMG Magazine . "The market is starting to edge towards new buyer/seller relationships as clients are changing the game again. It's going to get much much tougher and these shortcomings will impinge on where and how firms can grow in uncertain economic times."

"ClientSavvy, does what it says on the tin.  All firms are going to have to be more commercially and client savvy than they have ever been in the past.  It allows me to focus on what I've been doing for clients in the last two years - working with them on multimillion pound cross-border accounts with complex needs."

Gordon can be reached by email .


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