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FREE WEBINAR: Key Characteristics of professional services MBD

20 Oct 2020 12:00 - 13:00

Webinar Host: Cambridge Marketing College

In the second part of our series "Positioning and Planning" the following will be discussed

Under planning we will look at:-

  • business strategy,
  • market analysis and selection, and
  • marketing plans.

Under positioning we will look at:-

  • client and campaign planning
  • and all the core marketing and communications activities that bring those plans to life


Over the remaining four seminars Nigel will explain the professional services  MBD framework in depth and explore the central tenets of client relationship and performance management. He will set the challenge for all MBD professionals to become  ‘client  champions’  within their firm.     

Further Dates: 17th November, 8th December 2020 and 19th January, 16th February 2021

Nigel Clark  is an experienced professional services marketer, the global head of marketing for an environmental and advisory firm, and a tutor for Cambridge Marketing College (CMC). He leads PSMG and CMC’s new apprenticeship programme for professional services marketers.  

This is a free webinar and places will be limited. Please ensure you book early to secure a place.

To book please email or call 07956 443745 


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