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The PSMG Full Day London Summit - "Change is inevitable - How you prepare for it is not"

The PSMG Full Day London Summit  - "Change is inevitable - How you prepare for it is not"
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26 Jun 2024 08:00 - 17:30

Venue: One Moorgate Place, London, EC2R 6EA

Don't become obsolete. Be the change you want to see!

Culture is like the air around us. It’s invisible, yet its effect can be seen and felt. When the wind is blowing in our direction, it makes for smooth sailing, but when it is against us everything is more challenging and unsettling.

As the global community emerged from the pandemic, business leaders had to lay foundations for organisations to thrive in a different world. It’s widely believed Covid accelerated three types of transformation: the adoption of digital technologies, the development of new business models, and the implementation of new ways of working.

Most companies are now engaged in one or more of these types of transformation. Businesses that aren’t — whether because they have ignored the signals or have failed to adapt quickly enough — soon risk becoming irrelevant or even obsolete as are the people within.

While most leaders recognise transformation is imperative, how many really understand the necessary connection between it and culture change? Companies cannot realise the true potential of digital transformation, embrace new business models, or implement new ways of working without supporting changes in organisational behaviours.  

This is a hugely exciting time for marketing and business development professionals as we find ourselves at the meeting point of technology, data, business processes, procurement, intelligence, communication, and client experience. Join us to see how we can position ourselves to influence and leverage the myriad different business lines to help define a firm’s identity, both internally and externally, and remain relevant long into the future.


How To Book  

Booking a place is simple - email

Delegate Fees:

PSMG Members £595.00

2nd & subsequent £550.00

Non Members £695.00

2nd & subsequent £650.00  


International Delegates:

£550.00 Members

£595.00 Non-members 

Additional Drinks Reception Tickets for delegate guests

£25.00 per person.

Registration Fees (exclusive of VAT): The registration fee includes attendance at a workshop in both the morning and afternoon.


8.00am            Registration & Continental Breakfast

8.45am            Welcome & Introduction – Gail Jaffa, Managing Partner, PSMG

8.50am            Chairman’s introduction -

9.00am            Keynote Speakers 1 – Mark Stephens CBE, Partner, Howard Kennedy

9.40am            Keynote Speaker 2 – Clive Garfield, Executive Director, A&O Consulting

10.20am          Morning coffee

11.00am          Workshops Round 1

12.30pm          Buffet lunch  

1.30pm            “In Conversation with….” Panel session moderated by Alexander Low, DCM Insights

2.00pm            Keynote speaker 3  - Alex Liddle, Sales Director, EMEA, PwC

2.45pm            Afternoon tea

3.15pm            Workshops Round 2

4.45pm            “In Conversation with….” Panel session moderated by Ruth Napier, Napier Consulting

5.15pm            Round up and Closing remarks – Gail Jaffa

5.30pm            Networking drinks reception with Live Music with "Mayfair Jazz"  




Alexander Liddle, Sales Director EMEA, PwC

An afternoon keynote with Chair's summary and conclusions 

Change Is Inevitable

A change in the function


Greater competition means greater drive for growth


When sales becomes important

What does sales mean to you?

Change in perception

Who is the client?




What about AI?

What GenAI can do

What if you don't use tech



Two keynotes during the morning

1. Mark Stephens CBE, Partner, Howard Kennedy

Disruptor 101: Takeaways from one of the legal industries biggest disruptors

Can you learn to be a disruptor or is it something you're born with?

Key qualities of a disruptor :
Passion for your work
The ability and the desire to think differently about problems
Curiosity and thinking more broadly than your area of expertise
Be open to different and new ideas – see what's possible
Courage to be a lone voice
A pinch of hooliganism!

Step outside of group think – you can bring a different perspective that will help legal marketing and business development evolve.

2. Clive Garfield, Executive Director, Consulting by A&O Shearman

Be the change you want to see

Managing bias in order to grow your business

Engaging with new clients/internally, and the importance in overcoming these biases in order to grow the business

The impact of leadership on culture and business growth

Tone from the top / role modelling desired behaviours of BD professionals – accountability

Importance of authenticity in internal/external relationships

Avoiding group think and fostering a culture of innovation

Explore the importance of creating a psychologically safe culture where people can share ideas, have different perspectives, challenge norms – and the benefits that this brings to team and their ability to be innovative

Importance of creating a speak up culture and how to address these

A win-win ecosystem: fostering a culture of collaboration to drive individual and collective success

Integrating collaborative approach into ‘eat what you kill’ model

From internal culture to external success: Bridging the gap with employee engagement

Focus on employee engagement – how making people feel seen and heard leads to higher engagement and consequently performance

How to empower employees to make their own decisions and drive actions forward



You will be able to choose from one of three

1. Clive Garfield, Executive Director with Leonora Conlon, EMEA Senior Business Development Manager, both at Consulting by A&O Shearman

Transform and Triumph: Embracing Change in Business Development and Marketing  

Business Development and Marketing professionals work in an increasingly complex environment composed of new technologies, evolving client and customer expectations, and heightened competition. The ability to adapt and thrive amidst these changes is not just beneficial but essential for success. This workshop is designed to explore how we can learn to transform the inevitable changes in our professional landscape from daunting challenges into valuable opportunities. 

Change often produces a spectrum of emotions, and it's crucial to understand these responses in order to manage and harness them effectively. Our interactive session aims to confront change with curiosity and confidence. We will discuss how and why we react in certain ways to change, fostering increased self-awareness among participants. 

The workshop will be interactive and provide attendees with: 

  • Insightful Discussions:  Engage in thought-provoking conversations about the nature of change in the BD and marketing sectors, and why it's imperative to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Self-Reflection:  Reflect on personal experiences with change, identifying individual emotional patterns and resistance points.
  • Strategic Frameworks:  Learn frameworks that can be applied to understand and navigate change more effectively.
  • Practical Tools:  Ideas on how to equip yourself with practical tools and strategies to embrace change, ensuring you remain open-minded and ready to seize new opportunities as they arise.


2.  Lee Curtis, Managing Director together with Sam Stamp, AI Lead, LINAR Consulting

Not another AI workshop!

Bored of being told AI will solve everything and that you won’t have a job in 12 months' time? Tired of GenAI waffle with no practical steps to implementation? Sceptical we’ll ever find use cases that save time?

This exclusive workshop will explore the impact of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) on professional services marketing, offering interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities, and thought-provoking discussions. Learn how to leverage AI to enhance service quality, maintain competitive advantage, and significantly increase productivity and efficiency.

Prepare your organisation (and yourself!) for a future that’s going to look very different to what’s come before.

If you want things to stay the same, everything's going to need to change.

3. Andy Robinson, Head of Sales, Simmons & Simmons together with Ben Kent, Managing Director, Meridian West 

Exploring the Differences Between Professional Services Firms' and Other Sectors' Approaches to Marketing and Business Development: Lessons to Learn

In this insightful workshop, we delve into the unique ways in which law, accounting and consultancy firms approach marketing and business development, and compare these strategies with those employed in other sectors (in particular, B2B technology, financial services, and PE). The goal is to identify potential lessons that can be applied across industries to foster growth and success.

Sales strategies - We will begin by examining sales strategies, exploring how law firms and other industries approach the process of selling their services.

Innovation – What professional firms can learn from other sectors re: developing and scaling new products.

Data - We will discuss the importance of client data in shaping marketing and business development strategies. We will compare how law firms and other sectors collect, analyse, and utilise this data to drive decision-making and improve client relationships.

Pipeline management - We will look at how law firms manage their potential projects or deals, and compare this with the practices in other sectors. This will help us understand how different industries manage their growth opportunities and the processes they have in place to ensure smooth operations.

We aim to identify the best practices that can be borrowed from each sector to enhance business growth. Join us for this enlightening workshop as we dissect these critical aspects of business development and marketing, with the aim of cross-pollinating ideas and strategies across sectors.



You will be able to choose from one of three

 4. Claire Mason, CEO & Founder together with Alison Sharpe, Divisional Director, both at Man Bites Dog

Winning the Battle of Intelligent Brands: How Marketing & Business Development Can Deliver Growth in the AI Economy

The AI economy presents unprecedented growth opportunities for professional services firms as clients adapt to new technologies, business models, regulations and ways of working. The only inevitable thing is change.

While Professional Services firms wrestle with their own operational and delivery transformation, how can you ensure your firm is fast to market in seizing the growth opportunities presented by AI-related advisory in this accelerated world?

In this session we will explore:

  • How to position your firm as relevant to the AI economy.
  • How to seize growth opportunities and be seen as a true thought leader and navigator of what’s next in this crowded space.

  5.  Gemma Prescott, Practice Group Leader, Marketing and Business Development, Intapp, James Davidge, Head of Origination at Taylor Wessing Raya Blakeley-Glover, Global Head of Business Development and Sales, Bird & Bird and Alexander Low, UK Managing Director, DCM Insights

The Future of Business Development

In a new era of client disloyalty, law firms face a growing challenge: even long-standing clients are much less likely to choose their incumbent law firm or partner for new work. Traditional rainmaking approaches no longer work. But top-performing partners have cracked the code on a new, collaborative model that drives consistent growth. Join us for insights based on the ground breaking and first global, data-based study “The Rainmaker Genome Project” conducted by DCM Insights in partnership with Intapp. Explore a data-driven approach to business development that is redefining law firm marketing and client engagement based on the largest and most rigorous scientific study of top performing partners ever conducted.

The workshop will cover:

  • A recap of the findings of the Rainmaker Genome study, as featured in the Harvard Business Review; insights into the skills and behaviours that set top business developers apart.
  • Perspectives from Taylor Wessing as to how these insights are informing their client development and growth programmes and how they are leveraging data to change partner behaviours and build a sales culture.
  • A preview of how AI-driven “nudges” informed by market and client data could be used to drive and embed “Activator” practices, transforming a firm’s BD and sales effectiveness.

6. Harbor - Carol Cook, Principal Consultant & Technical Lead (UK MBD) at Harbor together with Stu Gooderham VP, Client Engagement at Harbor primarily for the UK and EMEA

Marketing Technologies: Empowering MBD teams with richer intelligence and speed to win new business

Regardless of what marketing platforms you use or look to implement, there are powerful data integration capabilities and smart automations that can transform the operational efficiency and impact of your marketing and business development teams. Deployed the right way for your firm, these applications become engines that connect data across systems to deliver richer, actionable insights at your fingertips. They allow you to refocus your team's efforts from data cleansing, gathering and reporting to driving revenue with intelligence. They become a value multiplier, where 1+1=5.

Join us for this workshop as we discuss:

  • The changing skillsets modern, technology-enabled MBD teams need
  • Technology trends shaping the sector
  • Implementation considerations to leverage data and automation more meaningfully

Open Forum

"In Conversation with....."

(Moderated by Alexander Low, UK Managing Director, DCM Insights)


Open Forum

"In Conversation with....."

(Moderated by Ruth Napier, Managing Director, Napier Consulting)

Who should attend?

Senior business development and marketing professionals, heads of function, marketing and business development directors, managers and partners from leading UK and international professional service advisory firms, market commentators, academics and consultants. 


Terms and Conditions of booking

Cancellation by you: Cancellation received in writing to the PSMG office or by email to more than 28 days before the conference start date will receive 50% refund of the registration fee. We regret that there are no delegate fee refunds for cancellations within 28 days of the conference start date or for non-attendance. Transfer to another delegate name is permitted.

Cancellation by us: It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of PSMG LLP to change the content or timing of the programme, speakers, date or venue and all registered delegates will be notified in the event of a substantive change. In the unlikely event of cancellation of the conference PSMG LLP will make full refund of any delegate fee paid but disclaim any further liability.

The registration fee must be paid in advance of the conference date to guarantee your place. PSMG LLP reserves the right to refuse admission to delegates if payment is not received in full before the conference date.

Confirmation of any booking/agreement forms a binding contract and the parties thereto are subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts and that English law applies.




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